Tolk1Hello fellow Tolkien lovers. My name is Trevor and let me tell you about my love affair with this man and the books he wrote. It was back in the 1970’s when everyone was living a meager life with not that much to look forward to. I was a child with a small frame and body and I would get bullied everyday at school. My mother would tell me to toughen up and my father would only be worried about his business everyday. Looking back I guess I had always been a little reserved, shy, and not so out going and confident in myself.

To rant about my life a bit I was always fascinated about magic and talk about it to my father but he was always so busy with his business. Now that I’m older I understand how much work it takes to raise a family but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your own child. There was a void inside me and I think this is why I would escape into the world of fantasies or eventually the magic of Tolkien’s books would fill me up and make me invincible to sadness as I read those books and get so into the story that I sense a loss of time and not care about my dad, mom, or siblings.

At the dinner table my father would be dead tired from days worth of work offering furniture cleaning services to people all over town.

It was hard work he used to always say and I should put away my books and think about what I will do in the future. He preached that I should go to college yet he always said I would have to pay for everything because there was no way he could afford it with his jobs at cleaning people’s homes. I was not that motivated back then to study but the fact that I would have to go into massive debt to get education that I didn’t believe in was massively unappealing to say the least. but I digress…

I think this is why I was always going into my mind and into my imaginations. And visualizing about great adventures long ago. About faeries, gnomes, goblins, orcs, and majestic mystical beings like unicorns, Pegasus, dragons, & more. The regular world just seemed so flat, 2D, & boring. Where as the world of magic and imagination was endless possibilities.


I always had a fascination with dragons for some reason. I would imagine myself flying on their backs and having the ability to fly over mountains and crush opposing foes. I would picture myself as a warrior with a long two handed sword that I carried on my back. And I would swiftly cut away at my enemies with no remorse.

These are the things I would image and this was all before I got in Tolkein’s magic. It was one Christmas morning my father had purchased me my very first Lord of the Rings book.

It wasn’t soon after that I finished reading the book and I was massively hooked. I was so addicted to them but I often found myself reading all the way into the night and waking up with it with my head buried inside the pages. What I believed to be in my field was just merely the world reflecting back and what I saw inside my mind was dragons flying over and enemies that were on the attack.

I must admit looking back it’s pretty crazy that I had this intense interest in the LOTR for so long. Even then when the internet came out and there was many forums I had joined them and event attended various events around the country to meet fellow Tolkien lovers. It was an extraordinary time.

And let me mention this was all before the move…

So you can imagine my shock and disbelief when that trailer came out…

The first ever Lord of the Rings trailer what a classic :)

I remember that day like it was yesterday, My dad was home early from his carpet cleaning biz and I was home early as well because my university had a power outage.

I was on the computer browsing and on yahoo news I saw a link to what appears to be this commercial and my hear almost skipped a beat. Anyway I put the clip on and it was like watching a girl without any clothes for the first time. It was so much better than I could have ever dreamed of. and it is amazing what they can do with movies now, everything looked so realistic and amazing.

The next morning I woke up thinking about it and then the next morning and then the morning after that. It was on constant replay on my computer and it was always running in my mind. The year till its release felt like 10 years for me as I tried my very best to keep my calm. But time went on so slowly like alice’s world where the tunnel never stops.

There was so many things I can do and accomplish but not my time yet and certain not what I was meant to be doing at any time. My class grades suffered because I soon started attending more groups about this movie and just the love for Tolkien in general. You see how much I loved this? I think it would rival any sane person or the insane.

This is the background story behind who I am, why I came to love Tolkien, my dad’s neglect and the effect it had, as well as the fact that you never grow old in life in spirit we are all children with infinite imaginations. So go out there and dream and leave a legacy like Tolkien did or Frodo.

We will all one day die.

Best to leave tomorrow in god’s hands and live today in the best way we know how.