19 Apr

Cross Referencing Tolken’s LOTR to Today’s Times

It dawns of me how much today’s world is reflective of what JR Tolken wrote years ago. We are in many ways living in delicate balance between darkness and light today, the government is using full on chemical weapon on the population by using chemtrails, the secret is out the cat is out of the bag it looks like.

The evil puppet master behind the destruction of today is like Saruman and other famous foes of the LoTR series, the ogres are like today’s mindless victims that will follow the orders of the elite to do their evil bidding.

LoTR painted to us the horror of war and despite massive obstacles, human spirit and will shined through at the end of the day. It is a wonderful story to display the power of human spirit.

When one is awakened to today’s true reality it dawns on us that it is not all sunshine and rainbows, when you take a step back and look at the big picture and connect the pieces of the puzzle you begin to see the motives of the government elite and it is so nefarious it is almost other worldly.

What can we draw from JR Tolkein’s wonderful book is that the small few can take down the whole evil empire. That all it took was two brave hobbit that represented the peaceful race, the everyday folk, standing up for what they believe in and having the power to say No.

We do not consent to the elites violating our freedom and health. If you really can’t see that our food source has been compromised and turned into to weapon, you will never understand why there are so many sick people today and obesity is rampant. Obesity is a sign of toxic overload, and the fact that cancer and all other disease is on the rise is a sign of serious problems.

JR Tolkien’s book can teach us a great deal about today’s time, remember it was just the few that decided to take responsibility that shift the whole thing. It is amazing to dive deaper into the LOTR and see the invaluable life lessons contained within it.

#JR is awesome